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We created the following scorecard to be used by anyone participating in, planning, or facilitating a participatory meeting or stakeholder process. This scorecard is informed by principles and ideals from environmental justice-centered sources (see the Bill of Rights) and best practices for transparency and inclusivity in a participatory process. 


We envision the scorecard to be applicable in several different ways: 

  • Using the scorecard based on your role (Participant or Facilitator) or based on the phase of a process (Planning, Execution, or Feedback) to inform your specialized needs and considerations for an upcoming process.

  • Using the scorecard after participating in a process to assess whether aspects of the process ranked highly or poorly. Scorecard results could be used to shape your feedback or inform your advocacy for what the process could look like in the next meeting/process.

  • Using the full version of the scorecard as an audit of a participatory process, whether you are a participant or a facilitator, to assess areas for improvement and ways to continue working towards an effective and equitable process.


The links to the scorecard below allow you to fill out the form on our website. Alternatively, please see the links here to download the scorecard in a full version (planning, execution, and feedback) or a 1-page version to print.


For each box containing a statement, select the category on the right that best reflects how well the goals in the statement were or achieved.  

Rather than providing a number for each line in the scorecard,  choose a color/category from the list of four below. You will be able to receive a summary of how many elements were in each of the four categories and get resources for particular deficiencies.

If you are unsure, leave the question blank. Once you complete the scorecard, go back and double-check the ones that you left blank, and take note of ones that, as a stakeholder/participant, you should be able to answer but cannot. Those are likely at least insufficient/ineffective.

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